ASHI Graduate Testimonials

Relaxed atmosphere with great education.
               Gary R., Cypress, CA January 2015

Excellent - A little sad it was over!
                David B., Cypress, CA January 2015

All five instructors were extremely compotent, helpful and knowledgeable about the respective topics they covered.
                Natalie A., Lakewood, CO January 2015

                Don T., Des Plaines, IL April 2015

Absolutely fantastic. I have 40 years of general contracting experience and learned a ton of new material. These guys know what they are doing!
                Tom C., Lakewood, CO January 2015

                Matthew H., Des Plaines, IL January 2015

Outstanding quality instructors. Excellent class discussion.
                 Bill S., Des Plaines, IL January 2015

Date : 5/19/2015

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