Go out on Home Inspections multiple times during the 10 day Class

Take a look at your home inspection class schedule

In the field multiple times during the home inspection class. Nothing works better than our real-life home inspection training system. We send you pre-class preparation work so you understand the basics of performing home inspections before stepping into the inspection classroom. Every morning we will review a system or component of the home inspection process then most afternoons take you into the field and have you do inspections and review them with you.

Just imagine being able to go into the field multiple times during the 2 week class with our experienced inspector/instructors guiding and instructing you every step of the way to make sure you learn by doing!

This is an amazing career, meeting new people, seeing fantastic properties and earning a great living.

Want even more live home inspection training?

We have what you want. Take our 40 hour home inspection field training class. Get into the field for more live inspection training either one on one orwith small classes. Our experienced home inspector field trainers have spent years doing home inspections and pass on their knowledge to you so that when you actually do your first paid home inspection you feel confident in your work.

You will become the great home inspector you really want to be with The ASHI School and hard work! Call us today for more information on your home inspection business start-up.

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