Learn by Doing Home Inspections

Real Life Training

Is Your Key To Learning Home Inspection Getting Your Hands Dirty?

Some can learn to be a home inspector by listening, others may learn home inspection by reading but when it comes to learning how to perform a home inspection most great inspectors believe that actually doing the training in the field on real houses is the only way to go. At The ASHI School you will be given all the resources you need for your home inspection training. Click the blue underlined text above to find out more about how we learn at the best home inspection school in the nation!

Do You Learn Better By Repeating Things?

We sure do! So why not get out there every day of the class? Most other home inspection schools don't even try to get you into the field because it is difficult to schedule, but our method of training home inspectors puts your hands on the very items you will be inspecting when you are doing real inspections. If you think becoming a home inspector is for you, Click the blue underlined text above to find out how we teach!

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