Preparing for your class & new career

Your pathway to becoming a great home inspector begins with:

  • Register for your selected class from one of our many classroom locations
  • Complete all New Student Paperwork
  • 40 Hours of pre-class material
    • Watch video on your pre-classroom education portal
    • Open and review chapter slide presentations
      1. Roofing, Flashing and Chimneys
      2. Exterior
      3. Structure
      4. Electrical
      5. Heating
      6. Cooling/Heatpumps
      7. Insulation
      8. Plumbing
      9. Interior
      10. Appliances
    • Begin reading your Home Reference book
    • Answer qusetions in Home Reference Book Study Guide
    • Print inspection worksheet (1 Copy)
    • Print inspection checklist (6 Copies). These will be used for in the field training.
  • Get ready for your first day in class
    • Classes are are Monday - Friday for 10 business days (2 weeks)
    • Hours are 8:30am - 5:30pm (To accomodate students' questions and special needs, the class may begin earlier and extend after, at the discretion of the instructor)
    • Remember to bring all books and printed materials
    • Classes are casual/comfortable dress code
    • The ASHI School is a drug and alcohol free zone with a zero tolerance policy

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