Home Inspection Classes

What is The ASHI School?

The best live home inspection training classes you will ever find from the most respected companies in the world! Learn by Doing is how the best home inspectors say you will learn about home inspection and we put you in the field 4 to 5 times throughout the two week course! Learn to perform home inspections on real houses with real home inspectors.

"The ASHI School" is the ultimate hands on home inspection education ever to be offered! Home inspection is a career skill that requires getting into the field and doing live training. For many years home inspection schools have tried to just show hundreds of photos to their students and hope they understood. We take our home inspection students into the field and show them exactly how to perform the best home inspections possible.

Virtually every successful professional home inspector will tell you that you must go on live home inspections to learn the business and skill. ASHI itself has required members to have performed live home inspections as part of its' membership policy for years. The ASHI School gives you the live field experience you need for entering this wonderful profession. Some states have home inspection license laws that require live home inspections this is all part of your education pathway.

Home inspection training with us is your best chance at creating success in the home inspection profession! Pre-license home inspection courses are our specialty.

What is the Home Inspection Class Curriculum?

The ASHI School features live home inspection classes that include more time on real field home inspections than any other home inspection school in the nation. Course focus is on starting and operating your own successful inspection career and business, as well as performing inspections in compliance with the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

The courses are designed as an intelligent blend of pre-class study materials, live classroom lecture and actual in-field home inspection training. You will learn to apply your classroom knowledge with hands on in the field training sessions with your instructor. You can then further your learning by joining a local ASHI chapter during the 1 year free memebership to the American Society of Home Inspectors(ASHI), which is included with your tutition.

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