We Are With You for A Lifetime

Lifetime Support

You are never alone once you graduate from The ASHI School. Our instructors are just a call or email away. Feeling stumped in the field by that new heating system you just inspected? Can't make up your mind about inspection reporting software? Need some extra tips for your new marketing campaign? We know the feeling and are right there when you need us the most. Just call or write and we will be happy to be part of your inspection team.

In addition to on the spot assistance, you are welcome to return to class anytime you like for FREE. You may return to retake any class you paid for anytime we hold it at no extra charge as long as we have room for you. Imagine being able to recharge yourself with more education whenever you like! This includes classroom lectures only. Books are not included in this offer.

Get tips and updates for graduates only. You will also receive our email newsletter filled with timely information every inspector needs.

Graduate from The ASHI School and get the team support you need to succeed!

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