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Here is your opportunity to grow your business!

A company providing residential and commercial inspections generate more business than a company doing residential alone!  Commercial inspections can generate up to 80% more revenue than residential inspections in an equivalent amount of time.

The benefits to your business can be substantial.  We invite you to take the first step in expanding your services, as well as your profits. 

During our three-day Commercial Building Inspection Course you will learn all you need to know to get your Commercial Inspection Division up and running. Our instructors are professional engineers, with over 30 years of commercial building inspection experience

For additional information about the course please call 1-888-884-0440

What are your benefits?

Commercial Building Inspection Course – What are the top 10 things I get?

1.    An opportunity to diversify and make more money

2.    Easier inspections, with less stress and more time

3.    Hands on instruction from people in the business

4.    Field experience

5.    How to quote and land jobs

6.    How to use specialists

7.    How to write reports

8.    How to estimate costs

9.    Risk management

10. A money back guarantee

Top 8 reasons why home inspectors should get into doing commercial inspections:

1.    Residential inspections - emotional attachment; call backs for irrelevant things. Commercial inspections - financial consideration only; clients don’t attend inspection, yet few or no call backs!

2.    Better money than residential inspections

3.    You already have most of the skills necessary to do the work

4.    You already have the inspection business machinery in place

5.    Repeat business is typical

6.    Diversification from residential inspections

7.    Halo effect – reflects favorably on your home inspection division

8.    Room for growth in the market


Course Basics:

Ø  Course Materials

We will provide our comprehensive commercial inspection textbook. You will leave with a wealth of information including sample inspection reports, consultants’ reports, and information on quoting inspections, report writing, costing and relevant business issues.

Ø  What should you expect?

You will learn how to get into the commercial inspection business. We will cover everything from business practices to technical inspection, with special emphasis on the “the team approach” to commercial inspections. You will learn where and when a consultant is required, and how to find and work with consultants.

This course is approved for 24 ASHI® Continuing Education Credits, 10 HIA Membership Education Credits and 22 CREIA Continuing Education Credits.

The Course fee is $1,395 for ASHI and CREIA members, and $1795 for non- members. 

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