Setting Up For Your Home Inspection Career

A Great Education Is First

Maybe we are stating the obvious, but we can't tell you enough how important your understanding of a home's systems and components will be. And great inspectors will agree that getting into the field to actually do an inspection is a must when learning this business. Remember that you are selling time and expertise, so don't scrimp on your education.

Understanding Your Marketplace

What works in one town may not work in another. Prices vary greatly from one inspector to the next. How much you can and should charge requires research. Do a competition survey. Yes, call all the inspectors in your area as a potential customer and find out everything you can about them. What their fees are based upon, how much time will they spend onsite, what training or background they have. Yep, undercover work is critical to understanding this business. Don't worry, they all did it before. Try to find out which inspectors in your area are the best, most knowledgeable and busiest.

While setting your price for your home inspections don't compete by lowering your price below others, it only sets you up for someone pricing lower than you and someone else lower than them and so on. If you are confident with your knowledge and plan on spending the proper amount of time on each inspection, your fees should be equal to the best home inspectors in your marketplace after your training at The ASHI School.

Inspection Web SiteWhat Business and Marketing Tools Will I Need?

In addition to getting you ready to inspect, we will help you with looking at inspection reporting software, Errors & Omissions Insurance, inspection tools and everything that is essential to your success. We can even help you with marketing your service with your own web site, email campaigns and more.

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