Home Inspector's Top Tool Kit

A Great Home Inspector Needs Tools

Home Inspectors ToolbeltYou Should Consider The Following Tools:

  • Dial or digital penetration probe thermometer (2)
  • Ice pick (for probing suspected deterioration)
  • Electrical circuit tester (2)
  • Water pressure gauge
  • 6-in-one screwdriver (Philips, slot,1/4 in and 5/16 nut driver) (get several)
  • Flashlight, rechargeable 50 candlepower minimum plus backup
  • Ladder 12 ft. minimum for roofs
  • Ladder 6 ft min. step for attics
  • Tape measure (8 ft. min)
  • Small knife (for cutting paint at access scuttles)
  • Respirator and/or dust mask (for attic and crawl)
  • Moisture meter (optional, but strongly recommended)
  • 4-ft level
  • Safety glasses (wear when opening electrical panels)
  • Coveralls, gloves (for attic and crawl)
  • Belt-type tool holder for hand tools
  • Tool bag for other items
  • Old sheet to cover clothes, floors, etc when using ladder inside
  • Reporting system (electronic or paper)
  • Towels (in case of spill)
  • Moist wipes (for cleanup)
  • Old shoes (for crawl)
  • Complete change of clothes
  • Code Check Complete (for quick reference if needed)

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